HTBHL Testimonials


Here is some of the feedback we have received:

I have been playing ball hockey in Ottawa for the past 20 years. The best and most enjoyable gym league that I have played in is Jonathan von Teichman and Dan Bergeron’s Hat-Trick Ball Hockey League at the Hintonburg Community Centre on Sunday’s. The league is professionally run and extremely well organized. The Hintonburg location is a perfect size for 4 on 4 and the playing surface is ideal. The league website is excellent. It is updated promptly each week with entertaining post-game write-ups and comprehensive player stats. The league features two divisions of teams based on skill level. Every week our team enjoys a good, clean, competitive game. It's a lot of fun and a great workout. It’s an awesome league that I would highly recommend to all ball hockey enthusiasts.

Graham Spice - Cyclones
Men’s – Hintonburg


Ball hockey is about fun and I love playing in the Wednesday night mixed league at St-Francois d'Assise. I never thought I would enjoy playing 3-on-3 so much. The players and refs made me feel welcome and everyone tells me that I have improved as a player. Running a league is not an easy job and league management must be praised for their organizing skills. The website is very well done, the refs are very fair and pleasant to deal with and any hot-heads are eventually weeded out. Keep up the good work.

Grace Mellano
Coed St-Francois d’Assise/Coed Belltown Dome                


What a wonderful league it is so far - I mean, men's and mixed all together. Clean play and genuine sportsmanship overall, friendly atmosphere, fun games to watch and play, thanks for making all this happen!

Dominik Giroux - Goalie
All HTBHL Divisions


My team joined the HTBHL for the first time this year. My teammates and I were really impressed with how the league was run. The scheduling, the time/score-keeping and refereeing were great! We were also impressed with the website and how quickly updates were made. The game recaps were a nice little touch as well. We're looking forward to playing in the HTBHL again!

Akhilesh Patel - Orthodox Horse Captain
Men’s - Beatrice Desloges


I have enjoyed my experience with the HTBHL tremendously! The Wednesday games are a highlight of my week. I really enjoy the play which is a great balance of reasonably skilled players coupled with great sportsmanship and a good cardiovascular workout! The mixed teams are well balanced with very good league organization; I have yet to play a game without a goalie or a referee. My only regret is that I did not discover the league 5 years earlier!

Jeff Murphy
Coed St-Francois d’Assise/Coed Belltown Dome/Men’s Pinecrest


IF YOUR CUT FROM THE NHL or your Wife, Girlfriend, your Boss, your Children , your Mother NAGS you all week, escape and join the HTBHL to test your skills, hidden talent, then let the games begin to freedom, fun, and score some points, maybe even make it front page, the moment of greatness like the "GREAT ONE NO. 99 or you can stay at home and take a beaten to the brain and become numb.

Nick Pizzo – Pepe’s Pink Tacos
Men’s – Hintonburg


I thought the league was really well organized and a lot of fun. Enjoyed how many stats were kept and how promptly they were posted after games. The little game summaries after each week are awesome and always fun to read. I have played in other ball hockey leagues in Ottawa and Jonathan and Dan’s league is far superior!

Greg Villeneuve – Orthodox Horse
Men’s – Beatrice Desloges


The HTBHL has been fantastic! Players, organizers and the referee have all been extremely helpful to someone like me who is still new to ball hockey. Great website! Organized, up to date, and the game summaries are fun to read each week.

Jesse Pitre – Hotties Play Hookies
Coed – Beatrice Desloges


I have played in many different leagues over my many years and I must say that the HTBHL has brought back the kid in me. The HTBHL provides teams to play in an environment that is competitive, yet fun at the same time. With an eye opening website that makes you want to see more, the HTBHL is always looking for ways to improve and make the league the best in Ottawa!!!

Vince St-Pierre – Cyclones
Men’s – Hintonburg


Thanks for doing such a great job with the league and raising the standard for organization and quality play in the city.
Thomas Henter – Green Team

Men’s – Pinecrest


I just wanted to say thanks to you and Dan.  The league was run very well, my team and I had a great first year and we hope to play for many years to come!

Raffael Siciliano – The Red Crusaders
Men’s - Pinecrest


I`ve played on both the Wingers and Misfits teams over the least two years.  You guys do a great job running HTBHL!  Many Thanks.

Marcel Sangsari – Wingers & Misfits
Men`s - Hintonburg


Just wanted to say thanks for running a great league and hooking us up a lot this season with the days and times we needed. Our team had a lot of fun and we really do appreciate all the hard work you guys put in to make that possible!

Dustin Baker – Dekes Of Hazzard
Men’s – Pinecrest


I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work to make this tournament a success. It was so much fun and very well organised.  I’m looking forward to participating in the years to come!

Emmanuelle Seguin
Coed St-Francois d’Assise/Coed Beatrice Desloges/Coed Belltown Dome


I have been playing in the HTBHL since the humble beginnings and am amazed by how much the league has grown since then. The level of competition has always been fair, fun and clean and I can see why many people would choose this league over many of the other options. The league organizers do an amazing job in organizing, handling concerns, and keeping their website up to date for those who are interested in keeping track of their team’s stats. Whether you have been playing for years, or have never played a game in your life, the amazing people you will meet will make you feel welcome, comfortable and want to play for years to come.

Mark Laurin
Coed St-Francois d’Assise/Coed Beatrice Desloges/Men’s Pinecrest