Coed Orleans - Sunday Rules


Administrative Regulations

•All players must complete a waiver form to play.

•Players that under the age of 18 must have their waiver form completed by a parent or guardian. They must also wear full face protection (cage/visor).   Violation of this rule could result in suspensions and possible legal charges for non-consented minors engaging in an adult sporting activity.

•Deposits and registration fees are non-refundable.

The league holds the right to suspend teams or players with an outstanding balance.

•Should a game be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the league will attempt to reschedule the game. If it can’t be rescheduled, no refunds will be issued.


•All stick blades, including goalies, must be taped with white tape prior to stepping on the floor.

•Games always have a white team and a black team; therefore, you will need both a black and a white shirt for the season. (No Grey!). Please verify the website weekly for your team color. Failure to meet this requirement can result in players being removed from the game.

•Teams are responsible for their warm-up balls, the league will provide the ball for the actual game. 

•Although not mandatory, we strongly suggest the use helmets, hockey gloves, a mouth guard, shin pads, elbow pads and a protective cup for your own safety.


*Unless specified below, all references to players, include goalies.

•Game day rosters are limited to 13 players.

•All players (full-time or spares) will be assigned to the first team play for unless otherwise notified and/or agreed by players and captains.

•In the regular season, you can borrow players from other teams. Players shouldn't play in a lower division, however, there will be some instances when the league will provide spares to help other teams out, or players can jump in last minute to fill a roster. The league will monitor this and look into any complaints. 

•In the playoffs, if you have no goalie, or you are down to two girls or less or down to two guys or less, the league will find you a spare.  The spare will be a downgrade of the player they are replacing. You are responsible to manage your roster to ensure you have options. Note: Spares are not provided if you have three players of the same gender. 

Important: If you use a player that is full-time on another roster or spared for another team first,  they will not count on your roster and will not qualify for your team in the playoffs. 

Important: All players, (full time and/or spares) need 3 games played with your team and be listed on the website to qualify for the playoffs. Captains should ensure players are registered with the scorekeeper before the game to avoid any issues later in the season.  

•If a player is injured, and is present at the game or shows up anytime during the day, they must notify the scorekeeper if they want to be considered as a game played. This player won’t count towards the 13-player game roster.

•Game sheets need to be completed before the start of each game. If a player arrives late, they must sign in with the scorekeeper.

•Injured players can sign in with the scorekeeper and it will count as a game played.

•The league holds the right to request proof of identification from a player if required. False information can result in further discipline towards the team, captain and/or player.

•Teams require a minimum of 4 individuals to to start a game. 

•In circumstances where a team doesn’t have 4 individuals, officials or the league will start running the clock 5 minutes after the scheduled start time and the game will be deemed a forfeit once 5 minutes has run off the clock or 10 minutes past the scheduled start time.  Once the clock has been started, if the team in question gets enough players to play, they will be assessed a delay of game penalty which must be served right away.

•If a goalie gets injured during a game, the team has 5 minutes to find a replacement. Failure to do so will result in the team playing with 5 runners.


•The format is 4 on 4, plus goalies. A minimum of 2 female runners must be on the floor during regular play.

•Teams are to remain on the same side/bench for the entire game. If a team wants to change at the intermission, they must request it with an official prior to the start of the game.

•Games will consist of two 20-minute (run time) periods. A short intermission will be provided in between periods.

•Each team has one timeout per game.

•We will stop time when the score is within 2 goals in the last 2 minutes of play.  If the game is tied in the last 2 minutes the clock will continue to run.

•If a team gets a (10) goal lead at any point during a game, the game is officially over by mercy. Teams or players can request to use the remainder of the floor time as long as league officials approve.  If approved, play must finish 10 minutes prior to the start of the next game.  There will be no faceoffs or stats kept and a league official must be present. 

•The scorekeeper holds the right to change the clock to run time to ensure we stay on schedule. Should this take place, both teams will be notified.

•If the referee is unsure of a goal or penalty, they can consult the scorekeeper at their own discretion.

•The scorekeeper can stop a game to speak with a referee and a call can be reversed after such discussion.

•If a default occurs, the final score will be 10-0.

•If a regular season game ends in a tie, we go directly to a two-player shootout, one guy and one girl per team will shoot.

•If still tied, the team who scored first in the game decides if they shoot or defend in the "final shot". If the game was scoreless, we will randomly select a team.

•A player that shot in the shootout, is permitted to shoot in the “final shot”.

•The final shot determines the winner of the game, based on the one play. If the player scores, their team gets the win, however, if the player does not score, the goalie's team gets the win.

•In a playoff game, sudden death overtime will be played, running time. We will begin with 4 on 4 for 4 minutes (2M/2F). If no one scores, we then go 3 on 3 for 3 minutes (2M/1F). If still tied, we move on to a 2-player shootout (1M/1F). If still tied after the 2-player shootout, we move on to a sudden death shootout (M/F). No one can shoot twice until the entire team has shot.

•If point standings are tied after the regular season, we will rank in this order:


-Total points in head-to-head matchups

-Goal differential

-Goal against

-Goal for

-Least amount of team penalty minutes

If three or more teams are tied, the total points in head-to-head matchups are not considered. Wins is the first tie breaker, followed by goal differential, etc.

•Hand passes are permitted inside your half (defensive zone).

•Faceoffs following penalties will be in the offending team’s zone, unless penalties are off setting.

•If a player gets injured or is bleeding, they must leave the floor.

•Everything is live, this includes walls, ceilings, basketball nets etc.


We will follow NHL penalty guidelines with a few exceptions noted below.

Minors = 2:00 minutes

Your stick must remain below your waist at all times. It can never be above your waist, even during your shot (wind up/follow through), calling for a pass, making a deke or while running. *If your stick is lifted by another player, you shall not receive a penalty.

Diving or sliding which interferes with a player or is deemed dangerous, whether or not the ball was touched first. 

Playing without the velcro strip on the bottom of your blade.

Double Minors = 4:00 minutes

Any high stick that makes contact with another player.

Head contact, including face wash.

Any minor penalty deemed by the ref to be excessive.

Majors = 5:00 minutes

Any penalty in which the ref deems excessive, intent to injure or a reckless play, includes accidental.

Players who are assessed a major penalty, automatically receive a $20 fine.

Misconduct = 10:00 minutes

Player will serve the misconduct in the penalty box; however, the team is not shorthanded. If there is less than 10:00 minutes left in the game, the player is automatically ejected and does not need to be replaced in the penalty box.

Game/Gross Misconduct

Players who are assessed a game or gross misconduct automatically receive a $20 fine.


•A team can go down to no less than two players on the floor when killing penalties.

•Any player which receives 3 penalties in one game is ejected from the game. Minor high stick penalties do not count towards the 3-penalty rule. Double minors count as one penalty towards the player, unless stated otherwise by the referee.

•If a player receives a combination of 3 game ejections or misconducts in one season they will automatically be suspended for 1 game and fined $20.  The following ejection/misconduct will result in the player being suspended for the remainder of the season including playoffs.

•Any player that comes off the bench will receive a 2 minute bench minor and game misconduct which comes with a fine and suspension.   

•A player who gets ejected from a game must leave the floor and bench area. Failure to do so can result in a bench penalty and/or further discipline.

•Referees can assess a delay of game penalty towards any action deemed intentional.

•Offensive players are not permitted in the crease area.  Refs can blow the play dead if they believe no effort is being made to leave the crease and the faceoff will return to the player’s defensive zone.  Goals can be disallowed if the offending player is in the crease while the goal is scored unless the ball is already in the crease.

•Net presence battles are not permitted in front of the net.  Players must gain their position without physical contact.  If players use contact, they can both be penalized or the referee can penalize the player he believes was the instigator.

Suspensions, Fines and more

•The league will assess suspensions, fines and expulsions when required to maintain the integrity of the league and for everyone’s safety. These are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and the league has the final decision in each case. Fines are enforced as a deterrent and the fine money collected will be used to reward fair play.

•When a suspension is assessed, it applies to all HTBHL leagues, therefore, you cannot play HTBHL until the full suspension is served.

•All fines must be paid before the following game.

•All major penalties, suspensions, game and gross misconducts come with a $20 team fine and an automatic league review to determine if further action is required.

•Both referees or the league can cancel a game due to a player’s behavior and such could result in a loss for that team.

•Players are responsible for themselves and their spectators.

•The league holds the right to expel players that don’t abide to our rules and regulations.

•All actions taken on or against the facility property before, during or after games can also result in league suspensions/fines/expulsion.

•Use of Illicit drugs and/or alcohol is prohibited on all of the facilities property. Any player who is suspected of being intoxicated, by the league, officials or facility staff must leave the premises immediately, and can result in league suspensions/fines/expulsion.

•Any default within 48 hours of your game time will result in a team fine of $120.00