Summer Men's Arena - Thursday League Info


The league will begin on April 28, 2020!

This popular league is always full due to the size of the rink and gym rules //(no offsides and no helmets//). This year will be even better as we are merging both the Tuesday and Thursday leagues into ONE big league to provide better competition and variety in opponents! The league will continue to play out of the Belltown Dome which is located just off Carling. 

This league runs from April 28 until the end of August. Teams are guarenteed 18 games with the opportunity to play on should you win with game times between 6pm and 10pm on Tuesday's or Thursday's. We can work with your team's preference for scheduling! 

The cost to enter a team is $2000, tax in, cost for an individual is $150 tax in.

This league is 5 on 5 and we run two 22 minute periods, running time.

To keep the parity throughout, we evaluate all teams at the beginning of the season to determine appropriate divisions to ensure you are playing at your level.

To enter a team, a group, or sign up as an individual, please contact us at