Summer Men's Arena - Thursday Rules


Administrative Regulations

•All players must have completed a waiver/registration form before they are eligible to play.

•All players must be 18 years of age or older and have a minor’s waiver form completed by a parent or guardian. Violation of this rule could result in suspensions and possible legal charges for non-consented minors engaging in an adult sporting activity.

•Full team registration fees are due prior to the first game. One form of payment made by captain is required. If not paid in full and on time, teams could face fines and suspensions.

•Deposits and registration fees are non-refundable.

•Post-dated cheques are not accepted

•Any returned cheques will have a $20 service charge.


Miscellaneous Rules

•All fines must be paid before the following game.

•48 hours is required if your team must default for any reason. If the league does not receive the 48 hour notice, the team will be fined $120.00.

•If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a game is cancelled, an attempt to reschedule will be made. However, if this is not possible, no refunds will be issued.

•Games cancelled by the referees/conveners, due to a team losing control or accumulating too many penalties will result in a loss for the team in question, and be subject to review at the season’s end.  Teams and players are here to play for the full game and shouldn’t be punished for another team’s actions.

•Captains and team registrants are responsible for all their roster players and spectators.  It is a privilege to play in the league, and with a waiting list, we have the right to expel teams that don’t abide to our standards of fair play and ethics. 

•Illicit drug and alcohol use is prohibited on all city of Ottawa property. Anyone violating this policy will be asked to leave the premises and can result in league suspensions/fines/expulsion.  This includes players and spectators.

•Any player who is suspected of being intoxicated, by the league conveners, officials or city staff will be asked to leave the premises immediately, and can result in league suspensions/fines/expulsion.

•All actions taken on or against city property before, during or after games can also result in league suspensions/fines/expulsion.



•Hockey helmets, hand protection, elbow pads, shin pads, protective cup and mouth guards are not mandatory however they are strongly recommended.

•Teams shirts must be of the same colour, and all shirts require a number on them. (Tape is not accepted as a number)

•Failure to meet the requirements above can result in players leaving the game.



•A team’s game roster is limited to 19 players, including goalie.

•A player can only play on one team, unless pre-approved by the league.

•A goalie can be borrowed from other teams within or outside the league.  All playoff goalie spares, however, must be approved in advance by league conveners.

•Any player whether full time or spare must have played 5 regular season games to qualify for the playoffs.

•If a player is injured, he can come by the rink at any point in the evening to sign in. This will count as a game played. 

•Game sheets need to be completed before the start of each game. If a player arrives late, he must sign in with the scorekeeper. It is the responsibility of the captain to fill out the game sheet properly, incorrect information can result in league discipline ranging from a penalty to a suspension.


Missing/Injured Players

•The minimum number of players required to start a game is 5 total players whether it includes a goalie or not.  

•In circumstances where a full team or individuals are late, a forfeit will be determined at the discretion of league officials.  A delay of game penalty can be issued which can be served immediately or carried over to the start of the second half should the team be short players.

•If a goalie gets injured during a game, the team has 5 minutes to find or dress a goalie. Failure to do so will result in the game continuing and having that team play with 6 runners and no goalie.



•If all games remain on time, teams will be given a 5 minute warm-up period (HTBHL does not provide balls for the warm-up)

•Games will consist of two (22) minute periods of running time with a 3 minute halftime.

Each team has one 45 second timeout per game.

•We will stop time when the score is within 2 goals in the last 2 minutes of play.

•If the game is tied in the last 2 minutes the clock will continue to run.

•The clock will start at scheduled time, no exceptions.

•The referee and scorekeeper have the authority to stop the time clock if they deem it necessary.

•If the referee is unsure of a goal or penalty, he can consult the scorekeeper at his own discretion. The scorekeeper can also request to speak with the referees if deemed necessary.  After discussion, the call on the floor can be changed.

•If a default were to occur, the final score will be 10-0.

•Icing is non-touch. Icing will be called from inside your own blue line, not the red line. If the goalie leaves his crease before icing is called, the icing will be waived off.  Unlike the NHL, players are allowed to change on an icing.

• In this specific league, there are no offsides. 

•If the ball goes out of play because it was shot off the crossbar, the face-off will remain in the offensive zone.

•If at any point in a game, a team gets a (10) goal lead, the game and stats are officially over. Players will still get the original floor time.

•If a regular season game finishes in a tie, we will go directly to a sudden death shootout.

No one from a team can shoot twice, unless players are missing or if shooting in the “final shot”.

•If still tied after 4 shooters, we will flip a coin and have a captain call heads or tails. The winning captain will decide if his team shoots or defends in the "final shot".

The final shot determines the winner on one play. If the player scores, his team wins the game, however, if the player does not score, the goalie's team gets the win.

•In a playoff game, sudden death O/T will be played 4 on 4 for 4 minutes and then 3 on 3 for 3 minutes. If still tied, we move on to a 3 player shootout. If still tied after the 3 player shootout, we move on to a sudden death shootout. No player can shoot twice until the entire team has shot.

•If point standings are tied after the regular season, we will rank in this order:


-Head to Head (Total Points)

-Goal differential

-Goal Against

-Goal For

-Least amount of team penalty minutes

If three or more teams are tied, the head to head must consist of each team playing each other the same number of games.

Once one of the three teams has been eliminated due to a tie-breaker, the remaining teams restart the tie breaker from the top. 

•All calls are at the referee’s discretion and are final.

•All communication with the referee is to be done by captains only.

•Hand passes are permitted inside your defensive blue line.

•If you are bleeding, you must get off the floor.

•If you get hurt and the play stops, you must get off the floor for one play.

•Everything is live including the walls, ceiling and netting behind the nets and throughout the arena.  The play will only stop if the ball goes out of bounds and does not come back into play or if the ball is touched by a person.



•HTBHL prides itself on a reputation of being the cleanest league in the city, therefore, we reserve the right to assess suspensions and expulsions if necessary to maintain the integrity of the league and keep it a safe place for everyone involved.

•Penalties will be served as followed:

-Minors = 2:00 minutes

-Double Minors = 4:00 minutes

-Majors = 5:00 minutes

-Misconduct = 10:00 minutes

Description of penalties:

Double Minor: Any high stick that makes contact with another player or any minor penalty deemed to be excessive but not warranting a major penalty. Although a high stick infraction is deemed to be a double minor penalty, it will only count as one penalty towards the player. They are at the ref’s discretion.

Major penalties: Any penalty in which the ref deems excessive, and/or believes there was the intent to injure. They are at the ref’s discretion.

•Sticks must be kept below the shoulders on actual shots.  This includes both the wind up and/or the follow through.  Failure to do so will result in a 2 minute high sticking penalty. 

•Unless a high stick makes contact with a player, it will not count towards the three penalties in one game rule.  NOTE:  Goalies are an exception from this rule, unless they make contact with a player. 

If a player clears the ball out of play while within their defensive blue line a delay of game penalty will be called. The ball must leave the playing surface without touching anything on the way out and the ball must remain out of bounds for a penalty to be assessed.  NOTE:  The rule does not count if it goes in or above the player's bench, scorekeeping booth or penalty box. This rule also does not count towards the three penalty ejection.

•Face-offs following penalties will be in the offending team’s zone, unless penalties are off setting.

•Intentional head contact (including face wash) will be an automatic double minor penalty or major penalty.

•Any player which receives 3 penalties in one game is ejected from the game.

•All major penalties and gross misconducts come with a $20 team fine and an automatic review by league conveners to determine if further discipline is required.

•A player who gets ejected from a game must leave the floor and bench area. 

•All league reviews and suspensions are handled “case by case” and are at the discretion of league conveners.

We will follow NHL penalty guidelines with the exception of those modified below:

•All penalties will start at the drop of the ball.

•If the ref deems that teams are wasting time in between whistles (i.e.: substitutions) the ref is able to drop the ball on a faceoff even though the team is not ready or asses a delay of game penalty if excessive.

Any dive/slide that causes interference with a player, whether the ball was touched first or not is a penalty. Any dive/slide that may not interfere with a player but is deemed dangerous by the referee is also a penalty.

•If your stick makes contact with the ball above your shoulders, the play will be stopped immediately and a minor penalty will be assessed.

•Suspensions cover all HTBHL leagues so if suspended in one league the player cannot play in any other HTBHL league until the full suspension is served.