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Men's Carling - Monday

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Weekly update

It’s all over as the Championship game took place with a great battle, played hard by both teams! The trophy was handed out and to see who won it, sure to visit and like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/htbhl

As we wrap everything up, we wanted to say thank you to all of you for choosing HTBHL and making us the league we are with a special shout out to the captains who do the dirty work all year long.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our scorekeeper, Steve Quach who did a great job keeping things going while providing all the stats and recaps every week. We can’t forget the refs who keep everyone in line…or try to. It’s not an easy to stand up for what you see and get yelled at, but they do and we can’t thank them enough.

Lastly, thanks again to all of you! We hope to see you on the floor in 2019! If you haven’t signed up, please contact us now to do so!


Wobbly Pops vs Canucks

We are the champions – What more can you ask for in a finals?  The two top teams with high power offence and top notch goaltending from both sides. Wobbly Pops look to continue their unbeaten streak against the Canucks as the Canucks look for redemption against Wobbly Pops as all 3 of their losses during the season had come against Wobbly Pops.  It would be Wobbly Pops opening the scoring as it would be Rick Gionta (1G) tapping it in from a nice pass.  Canucks would then take over and have the Wobbly Pops running around as Canucks came out to play tonight.  It would be Francis Landers (2G) with a one timer top cheese tying it up.  A few minutes later it would be Seb Tremblay (1G) on a nice individual effort taking the ball from his end runs all around behind the net and scores on a wraparound giving Canucks the 2-1 lead.  Paul O’Sullivan (1G1A) would add to the lead when he would shot one past the goalie giving the Canucks a 3-1 lead.  Canucks would push the pace and both teams would pick up the intensity as they both knew what was at stake.  Before the end of the period.  Jason Murfitt (4G) would score right off the draw as he would make a few dangles and wires a shot in.  We would head into the break 3-2 Canucks.  2nd half was like the 1st as both teams playing hard and the pace picking up.  It would be Wobbly Pops Murfitt as he steal the ball and snipe one to tie it up at 3s. Canucks continued to push and they were rewarded when Vincent Harris (1G1A) would give Canucks the lead when he was left alone in front for the tap in.  4-3 Canucks. Landers would add to the lead when there was a mad scramble in front and he would tap it in to make it 5-3.  The veteran Wobbly Pops wouldn’t give up as they would pull to within 1 goal when it would be Murfitt again.  Both teams would go back and forth and it would be goalies stepping up to make some key saves.  The dagger would come from Romeo Boudreau (1G1A) as he would wire a laser of a shot bar down on the goalie on the run to give his team the 6-4 lead.  Wobbly Pops would add one more and pull the goalie but Canucks were too much for them this night and would get their revenge and more important win their championship with a 6-5 victory in a great game.

Nick Jackson – 39 shots

Mike Adams – 47 shots